Winter Words from A to Z

In the last couple of weeks, we've gotten a bit of snow. The temperatures this past week have dropped, often showing "feels like" temps in the negative digits. Winter has most certainly arrived. And with this season comes another list of A to Z words. This post is focused on a compilation of winter words … Continue reading Winter Words from A to Z

Fall Words from A to Z

This weekend my family and I went apple picking. The season has officially started, although here in New England it felt a bit more like summer than fall with an orchard temp of close to 80 (!). Nevertheless, fall is my favorite season, as sweater weather will soon be upon us. This post is focused … Continue reading Fall Words from A to Z

It’s National Poetry Month!

Poetry was always a part of every classroom I've taught in. It was integrated into lesson plans with students I tutored. I made sure it had a place in my students' learning, regardless of their age or learning level. Once during independent reading time, a first grader came up to me and said, "I'm reading … Continue reading It’s National Poetry Month!