Summer Words from A to Z

Summer started last week, and it’s really feeling like it! Yesterday, in her bathing suit and lathered up in sunblock, my toddler and I  enjoyed some watermelon on the deck while splashing around at her water table. My 5 month old son, shaded by his sun hat, happily bounced in his bouncer, intently watching our every move.

In this post, I compiled a list of  words from A-Z that come to mind when I think of summer.

A: adventure; air conditioning; amusement park; anchor; August

B: barbecue; barefoot; bathing suit; beach; bee; bicycles; birds; blistering; blueberries; boardwalk; boating; boats; bonfire; bucket; buoy; butterfly

C: campfire; camping; canoe; cap; capris; carnival; cooler; coverup

D: dew; diving; diving board; dragonfly

E: explore; enjoy

F: fair; farm; fireworks; flashlight; flip flops; floats; flowers; Frisbee; fruit;

G: garden; gardening; goggles; golf; grass; grasshopper

H: hat; heat; hike; hoe; hot; humid; hummingbird

I: ice cream; iced tea; Independence Day; insects

J: July; jump rope; June

K: kayak; kick board

L: Labor Day; lake; lawn; lawnmower; lemonade; life jacket; lifeguard; life vest; lightenings

M: mosquito; mower; muggy

N: nap; nest; nostalgic

O: oar

P: paddle; paddle board; pail; peaches; picnic; plums pool; popsicles; postcard

Q: quench

R: raft; rash guard; raspberries; rays; reading; repellent; roller blades

S: sailing; sand; sandals; sandcastle; sandpiper; scorching; seagull; seashells; September; shade; shorts; shovel; sleep away comp; sleeping bag; s’mores; spade; starfish; stargazing; string; strawberries; summertime; sunblock; sunburn; sundress; sunflower; sunhat; sunny sun rays; sunscreen; sunshine; sunshower; suntan; surf; surfboard; sweltering; swim cap; swimsuit; swimming

T: t-shirt; tank top; tennis; tent; thunder; thunderstorm; tomatoes; towel; travel

U: umbrella; underwater

V: vacation; vegetable garden

W:  wading; wasp; water; water bottle; water slide; watermelon waves; wildflowers; wheelbarrow;

X: eXplore

Y: yacht;

Z: zap; zinc oxide

What other words would you add to this list?

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