Spring Words from A to Z

spring wordsDespite the heavy snowfall that blanketed much of the northeast last week, spring is officially here — so the calendar says. But the days are longer and lighter, and more signs of spring will soon be on the way: the snow will melt, flowers will  bloom, and the sounds of the woodpeckers and chirping birds will be heard.

This post is focused on a compilation of spring words and ways to use them. This resource can be used with students of all levels, and be differentiated based on each child’s ability. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Choose several words for students to alphabetize. This is a skill that ALWAYS needs some practice! For younger students or those who need extra support, choose only a few words, and ones that all start with different letters. For those needing less support and more of a challenge, give several words that start with the same letter, encouraging students to alphabetize by second and third letters.
  2. Choose a few nouns from the list and ask students to use as many adjectives as they can to describe each noun.
  3. Pick 8-10 words and ask students to write a short spring story that includes those words.Alternatively, students can write a descriptive sentence for each word.
  4. Choose several words to write individually on pieces of paper that you fold and put into a basket or jar. Students pick a word and describe the word for others to guess without using the word on the piece of paper.
  5. What words may students not know off this list? Have them look up the unfamiliar word, write a sentence using the word, and illustrate it.
  6. Ask student to sort various words into different categories: adjectives, nouns, verbs, weather, activities, clothing, animals, etc…

A: allium; April

B: baseball; bed (in a garden); bee; bicycle; birds; birth; bloom; blossom; bouquet; born; breeze; breezy; bud; bunny; buttercup; butterfly; buzz; buzzing

C: calf; calves; cardigan; caterpillar; cherry blossoms; chicks; chirp; cleaning; crocus

D: dahlia; daffodils; downpour; duck; duckling

E: Earth Day; Easter; eggs

F: farm; Father’s Day; flowers; foal

G: galoshes; garden; gardening; geranium; gosling; grass; grasshopper

H: hatch; hoe; hyacinth;

I: iris

J: June; jog

K: kid (baby goat); kite

L: ladybug; lamb; lawn; lawn mower; light

M: March; marigold; May; melt; Memorial Day; migrate; migration; Mother’s Day

N: nest; north

O: orchid; outside

P: Passover; picnic; piglet; planting; puddle

Q: quack (says the duck)

R: rain; rainbows; rainbow; raindrops; rebirth; robin; rose; rosebud

S: sandals; sap; seeds; shorts; shovel; skirts; sneakers; soil; spade; spring; spring cleaning; springtime; sprout; sweatshirt; sunshine; sun shower

T: thaw; tulip

U: umbrella

V: vernal equinox; vest

W: warm; watering can; wheelbarrow; wind; windbreaker; windy; woodpecker; worm

X: taXes

Y: yellow anemone

Z: zinnia

Are there any other spring-related words that you would add to this list? I’d love to hear!

Check out these other season-related word lists: summer, fall, & winter.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.49.01 AM


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