Spring Words from A to Z

SpringWords-3Despite the heavy snowfall that blanketed much of the northeast last week, spring is officially here — so the calendar says. But the days are longer and lighter, and more signs of spring will soon be on the way: the snow will melt, flowers will  bloom, and the sounds of the woodpeckers and chirping birds will be heard. This post is a list of spring-related words from A to Z that can be used for a variety of activities.

A: allium; April

B: baseball; bed (in a garden); bee; bicycle; birds; birth; bloom; blossom; bouquet; born; breeze; breezy; bud; bunny; buttercup; butterfly; buzz; buzzing

C: calf; calves; cardigan; caterpillar; cherry blossoms; chicks; chirp; cleaning; crocus

D: dahlia; daffodils; downpour; duck; duckling

E: Earth Day; Easter; eggs

F: farm; Father’s Day; flowers; foal

G: galoshes; garden; gardening; geranium; gosling; grass; grasshopper

H: hatch; hoe; hyacinth;

I: iris

J: June; jog

K: kid (baby goat); kite

L: ladybug; lamb; lawn; lawn mower; light

M: March; marigold; May; melt; Memorial Day; migrate; migration; Mother’s Day

N: nest; north

O: orchid; outside

P: Passover; picnic; piglet; planting; puddle

Q: quack (says the duck)

R: rain; rainbows; rainbow; raindrops; rebirth; robin; rose; rosebud

S: sandals; sap; seeds; shorts; shovel; skirts; sneakers; soil; spade; spring; spring cleaning; springtime; sprout; sweatshirt; sunshine; sun shower

T: thaw; tulip

U: umbrella

V: vernal equinox; vest

W: warm; watering can; wheelbarrow; wind; windbreaker; windy; woodpecker; worm

X: taXes

Y: yellow anemone

Z: zinnia

Are there any other spring-related words that you would add to this list? I’d love to hear!



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